Classroom Websites

Classroom Teachers’ & Learning Support Teachers’ Websites:

Please click on names to access websites. Please note that some pages are password protected. These passwords are provided by the classroom teachers.

Mrs. Skog

Mme. Boker


Classroom Teachers’ Facebook Groups:

Please click on the names to access these Facebook Groups. Please note that these are closed groups that are only available to students and families in those particular classes. To access groups you must receive an invitation from the creator/administrator of the group.


The Lyon’s Den

Mrs. Lyon

Online Classroom Platforms

Please click on the following platform name to access online classroom platforms, like Freshgrade and Seesaw, that teachers have set up for their students. Please note that to be able to access a platform: 1) To access a specific class’ platform you will need to sign in, 2) the person accessing the platform has to be either a student or parent/guardian belonging to that class, 2) the person accessing the platform must be first invited by the classroom teacher to join the class.



Primary French Instructional Videos

Please use the link below to access Mme.Hogan  and Mme.Leduc’s primary French instruction videos. These resources are accessible by all that would like extra resources.

EMH 500: French Videos for Primary Students 

Library Platform

Ms. Easingwood has set up flip grid platforms for all École Roosevelt students. To access these platforms students will enter their password which has been supplied by their classroom teacher.

Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 1/2 Library Time

Grade 2 and Grade 3 Library Time 

Grade 4 and Grade 5 Library Time