Science Literacy Week: Making Craters Webinar

On Tuesday September the 18th Roosevelt kicked off Science Literacy week by participating along with other SD 52 schools in a Making Craters Webinar. Madame Stevenson’s 4/5 class combined forces with Mrs. Gamble’s 4/5 class to learn about meteoric impacts on planets by listening to planetary scientist Dr. Oz. Students then worked in groups planning their experiments using the scientific method and then recreated the impacts caused by meteors on planetary surfaces using flour, cocoa powder, measuring equipment as well as spheres of all shapes, sizes and weights. The two classes really enjoyed being part of the learning together. Big thanks goes out to Mr. Peter Scott for organizing the event as well as supplying the materials.


Prepare to be Schooled:BC is Back to School

Falling leaves and cooler nights can only mean one thing: It’s back to school time. That’s right, across the province, pare

    • Get the scoop on an importan
    • t road safety lessons you can teach in the classroom. ICBC has prepared road safety teaching resourcesfor you free of charge.

    ool zones. Even though kids may dread going back to school – most of them are over the moon to see their friends again, so much so that they may forget the rules of the road. Be their extra eyes and ears out there. Thanks.

nts are cheering and kids are groaning as they make the move back into the school routine.

So dust off those driving skills and review these important back to school tips (and pay attention class – there may be a quiz

  • on this)

Tips for Drivers:

  • There will be more traffic on the roads and busier busses starting this week. Give yourself some extra time for your commute just in case.
  • Slow down and pay extra attention in schTips for Parents:
  • Review the rules of the road with your children (as pedestrians andcyclists). Map out your child’s walking (or cycling) route to school ahead of time, so they know exactly where to go on their first day.

Tips for Kids:

  • Keep your eyes and ears open! This means no headphones or devices while you are walking to or from school. Watch where you are going and listen for traffic.
  • Don’t assume that cars will stop for you. Make eye contact with drivers BEFORE you step into the intersection. Pay attention the entire time you use the crosswalk. Thanks.

Tips for Teachers:

For more back to school tips from TranBC, follow the link:


Welcome back staff, students, and parents to SD 52!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing summer. I’m thrilled to be joining you as your new superintendent, and I’d like to take this opportunity introduce myself to everyone in the Sd52 community. I’ve been fortunate to work in the field of education for over 30 years in a variety of roles, from support staff, pre-school teacher, and high school teacher to elementary school principal and college instructor. I’ve worked in a variety of capacities at the district level from Aboriginal Curriculum Specialist to District Principal of Aboriginal Education. Hailing originally from the prairies, I’ve loved beautiful British Columbia for a very long time.

As superintendent, my initial focus will be on increasing the positive narrative of Sd52 in the community by celebrating stories of accomplishment and success in our school family. The success of our Strategic Plan relies on a “whole village” approach to implementation in order to “ensure each student successfully completes their educational program with a sense of hope, purpose and control.”

I’m so excited to be part of Prince Rupert’s amazing learning community. I’m looking forward to meeting our students, teachers, and school staff as I become acquainted with our outstanding school district. I’ve already been made to feel very welcome here in Sd52 by our dedicated principals, vice-principals and board office staff. I look forward to building positive relationships with parents, families, and members of the community as I continue to learn about Prince Rupert as superintendent. I welcome your continued positive energy and thank you for your ongoing dedication to excellence in education.

I would like to take this opportunity also to sincerely welcome all new and returning families in our school district, as well as to extend a warm welcome to our new and returning teachers and school staff. It’s thanks to you that I believe an outstanding year of learning year will unfold for all of our students.

I would like to thank the maintenance staff who prepared the schools inside and out for the start of the school year, the technology department who has upgraded and improved access, and to all the staff who work behind the scenes to keep our school district running smoothly during the summer holidays. Finally, I would like to thank the Sd52 Board of Trustees for all their hard work making Prince Rupert a great place for education.

At Sd52, we strive to be a community of learners with a growth mindset. We are inclusive, engaging, and real.

With sincere best wishes for a superb school year!

Irene LaPierre

Superintendent of Schools


Ła Bała Sgan! Bonne Rentrée Scolaire! Welcome Back!

The staff at Roosevelt Elementary is super excited to welcome our students back for another year! Below is some information regarding the start of the year:

  • School starts on Tuesday September 4th. Students will be welcomed and will have an opportunity to meet their teachers. The first day of school on Tuesday is from 10am- 12pm. First full day of school is Wednesday September 5th.
  • ****Roosevelt School is an Allergy Aware School. Please help us keep our students safe. Please do not send products containing peanuts (or tree nuts) or cheese flavoured snacks (chips, crackers, etc.) to school. Thank you for your continued support with this matter.****
  • For the month of September lunch for all students except kindergarten will begin at 11:45. The early start will benefit both students and teachers by allowing students to have the opportunity to develop positive habits by having a teacher present during the first 15 minutes of lunch.
  • As in years past, Kindergarten students will start on a gradual entry program. A letter outlining the details of gradual entry has been mailed to parents of kindergarten students. You can also access the letter through the following link: Kindergarten Intro. Gradual Entry Please after reviewing the letter call the school to schedule an introductory session.
  • Please click here for Supply Lists. Please feel free to purchase the necessary items on the supply lists online, using the instructions on the link, or by any other means you choose.